•December 1, 2007 • 1 Comment

im so full of desire for you. i wake up wet, and ou tof breath from what you have done to me in my dreams.

i immediately plunge my fingers inside myself, imagining your rough fingers, feeling their way inside me. i tilt my head back, and want to feel your bite, and feel your nails rake down my sides, digging into the flesh.

as i find myself on the brink of orgasm, i say your name, over and over again, as i feel an electricity arise through my body, as i feel my wet pussy let go its grip around my fingers, and then clench harder than before, and i am left lying on the floor, panting, yearning for your touch


with teeth

•October 30, 2007 • 1 Comment

i look into your eyes and see a ferocity that takes you over. they have a fire inside that cannot be hidden. as i feel you inside me, i bite and scratch you, bringing myself more pain in turn. i feel the veins in your neck bulge as your passion rises, and your cock pumps inside me.

i scream and whimper only egging you on, then i surrender, i stop the resistance that i so uselessly put up. i feel every movement, every sting you inflict upon me, everytime you fuck my harder than i can bear.  i curl up to my master as he fucks me, completely submissive to each desire he has.

and then i scream the naughtiest thing i can think of, the thing that i think will unleash the little bit of fury you are still hiding. i hear you growl, and i hear your breathing become deeper as i feel your nails dig into me, i cry out in pain, as you scratch me deeper, drawing blood, i hear you growl again as i beg you to stop.

and you fuck me once more as deep as you can penetrate me, and you stay there, for a long pause. i can hear your breathing, hear your heart, and as you are pressed against me, our hearts beat so loudly in our ears, we fear everyone can hear them.

and i smile as i look up at you and kiss you, then fall asleep in my masters arms.


•September 23, 2007 • 1 Comment

mm daddy i need you to molest me. i need you so spank me.

i want to be called you naughty girl.  i want you to spank me, when i like what you are doing, or i do anything without permissoin.

i want you to place your fingers inside of me, eliciting sighs from me. i want you to lick me, and gag me because i cant keep quiet.

please daddy. i want to be your little slave. please make me ge down on all fours. make take your cock into my sweet innocent mouth. molest every hole that i have.

please daddy.

fuck my mouth

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mmm i want to much to have you in my mouth. i want to look up at you, my lips wrapped around your cock. i want you to watch my head move up and down, as my tongue slides up and down the length of your cock.

i want you to fuck my mouth, feeling my throat as you push further and further inside my mouth. i want so badly to deink your cum, to taste you. i want to look up at you, my lips pouting, begging, to have you cum in my mouth.

mmm 8 more days. i need to fuck so badly.

9 days

•September 22, 2007 • 1 Comment

i need to be fucked. i am so wet, a thousand images are in my head, i am so horney, i am insatiable. i need cock.

i am so tight, eight months of nothing. i cant wait to be entered again, to feel a cock stretch me again, to feel the throbbing inside of me. 9 days.

steamy shower

•September 20, 2007 • 1 Comment

>>ahhh I just got out of the shower. My favorite thing in the whole world is to go in there with my rabbit, all my clean scented soaps and feel so spoiled. I love being in a clean shower and just pleasing myself! I stand up, and prepare myself to be entered by this naughty toy of mine. I cannot wait to make love with you in the shower . thanks to my rabbit, I’ve developed this kind of shower fetish of sorts. Now the whole time I’m in there I am thinking of us fucking. I love thinking of us going at it doggie style, the water running down our bodies, as we share such pleasure. God you turn me on sooo much.

I want to be held against the wall, and feel your body against mine. I want to feel your cock penetrating me so deeply. I want to feel the slippery walls, see the water dripping down our bodies, so that you do not know where my wetness ends and the water begins.

mmm I want so much to have your sexy hands to hold my arms against the wall where you want them! I want you to bite my neck, feel your breath against my skin.

I want to be down on my knees, filling my mouth with your cock, feeling you thrust down my throat, as I slide a little because of the wet slippery surface that I am on. I want you to see my wet hair slide down my face as you look down at your pet. I want you to grab my hair softly as you fuck my mouth.

 I need you so badly!

sex kitten

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mmm i am so horney rite now. it has been two days since i have had release.

and to make things worse, i found something that i had written about my husband and I. he is away rite now, but im very excited, he gets to come home for 18 days on september 30th. i havent felt his lips, his caress, his presence in nine months. i miss him so much. but i desire him equally. i want to feel his fingers inside of me so badly!

so here is what i found, i had just watched an erotic dvd and thought about him voilating me:

–  mmm I just watched teachers pet, the first episode. I finally got to see it. it made me remember the feeling of your fingers inside me. God I love that feeling!! I love how you turn me on so much that your fingers just glide into me. I get a rush when your hand nears my panties, when you feel my wetness through them. My clit starts to tingle and I feel a small electric charge go through my body. And then by the time you are fingers are inside me, I cum so easily that sometimes I’m embarrassed. you really make me your slave the whole time, I build it all up in my mind so much that I am dripping with my wetness. Sometimes I really do get embarrassed by how fast I cum, I wish sometimes I could hold it in a little longer. I bet I’m the easiest girl to make cum that you have ever been with. lol
god I love it when im just teasing you by bending over to go and get something and you take the initiative to run up behind me, tell me how sexy I am and reach your muscled arm between my legs and start to rub my clit. I love being bent over in doggie and having no choice but to submit to your every urge. I like how really no matter what position were in, you could take control from me at every second! it is sooo sexy! I love knowing that you are always in control.
Unless I make you my slave, when I tease you with the pleasure that I give you so much that you will make  my every desire cum true for more of that pleasure that I give you. I really think that we have the perfect sex life, the perfect balance between who submisses to who< even though I usually prefer to b the sub >

I want nothing more right now than for you to have me bent over in front of you me feeling so vulnerable, and loving every minute. I would arch my back so that my ass temped you so that your cock would be rock hard and your breathing would quicken and I could feel your grip begin to tighten around me. I would then say something sort of bratty so that you would want to call me your little slut who really likes every minute of what you’re doing to me, and I would grow wetter knowing that you know me so well. I would try to hide it so that you wouldn’t be able to prove my intense lusting for you to rape me from behind. But you would automatically reach your arm around me and begin to feel the wetness saturating my panties. I would try to resist this-just to turn you on of course, and you would in turn cover my mouth and tell me to quietly submit to whatever your wish.

mmm I love being his little sex kitten.  I love being commamded to submit to his every urge, his every desire.